why choose us ?

NPpointasia has operated its business for over 17 years - be a company in Loxley Group, provides consultancy in Software Development , B2B E-Commerce, Information Technology , Smart Pole / Smart Solar Streetlight / Smart City Solutions / Business Consulting & Market Research. The Customers are the Big Name Companies and Organizations in Thailand such as PTT Group , SCG Group, CPall, GS Battery, YAMAHA, Government Sector and etc.

B2B E-Commerce

We offer a comprehensive set of custom software development services: website, mobile application , B2B E-Commerce development, for Tourism, Circular Economy and Industries

Smart City Solutions

We focus on Software/Devices/ infrastructure to develop open, customer-centric solutions to build sustainable Smart City ecosystems.

Business Advisory Services

Through the integration of NPpointasia and Partners resources in Thailand and China. NPpointasia do custom research and business planning for Customers, Specialized in Food & Beverage, Home Care, Personal Care, Health Care, Recycle/Circular Economy, Bio-Chemical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Plastic and Rubber, Packaging and Energy Industrial Sectors.

Building Success Together.

Our Products & Services:

  • Software Development / B2B E-Commerce.
  • Smart City Solutions / Smart Pole.
  • Solar Street light.
  • Market Research & Business Advisory Services.

Our Clients